Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Habitats for Life

In room 10 we have been leaning about habitats. 

We learnt about warmth and what you need to make a perfect home.  

We have joined a (pretend) job called Habitats for Life. We got to make all the things that made an office feel like an office. We even have a hot chocolate machine! We got to pick what our names are and how old we are. Now we are going to make our houses for a animal or person of our choice. If we think our project would really help we can make it. Also remember we are only building a model.

This is just the beginning of our project and we will share more about it over the next few weeks.

By Katie

Saturday, 23 August 2014


Today Katie bought in a Sphero. A Sphero is a small ball that you can play games with using an iPad.

Katie had four games she had collected. There was one game that she told us about where you could control it with an arrow pad on the iPad. The second game was a game where you did the same as you did on the game that I explained before but on the screen of the iPad the Sphero looked like a beaver and you had to collect coins.

The third game she had was the same as the last but you had to kill Zombies! The fourth game was when you had to aim the Sphero (which looked like a golf ball on screen) into a box or whatever you are aiming for the Sphero to go into (whatever you were aiming at looked like a small hole on the screen).

Another game challenged you to grab the Sphero when it changed to a certain colour. I thought that it would be hard to play as the colours were changing reasonably quickly.  Katie had it mastered!

I thought it was really cool how it looked like the Sphero was moving by itself.

By Nathaniel

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Borrowed Light

This term our class went to see the short film festival. There were 15 short films! Then Miss Stubbing had a super idea. We could write a short part from the story from one of the films called borrowed light. It is about a boy or girl (your choice) who took all the lights so everyone could see the meteor shower. We started off by writing a list of words that mean the same thing. We looked in the thesaurus for the meanings of brave,scared,worried and nervous. We had to do it all in 1st person (you as the character).Then we got to choose if the character was a boy or a girl. When we were writing we had to remember to use lots of adjectives and to show don't tell. Then we all sat in a circle and shared our writing. We think that most of the people made you want to keep on reading the story.

by Katie, Charlotte and Jade

Some of our writing:

I am about to grab the last light when I hear heavy breathing behind me.  My heart skips a beat.  I feel petrified.  Slowly I turn my head and I and see someone staring back at me.
by Tom

Creeping toward the shine of the light.  I hear a strange sound coming from the hallway. Extraordinary to see that glowing thing making the house shine.  I feel sorry that I am taking this amazing light.  As quietly as I can I take the light off. Suddenly I hear a person run worriedly.  The person sees me.  I quickly take off all of the lights.  On my way while I was running I took some more lights.
by Kali

I once saw a meteor shower.  As I twisted the first light my heart started to beat faster like lightening speeding super fast. Then I started to feel a bit ok like I was doing the right thing.  Then I popped through the window and then I felt a bit weird like someone was staring at me. I got the lights and turned around.  There was a man there. He picked me up and the lights all smashed and we saw the meteor shower. I felt amazing.
by William

Creeping to a glowing thing covered with moths.  Climbing up the brick wall. Ah! I feel the cramp under my arms.  I hear the creak in the wooden floor.  I feel anxious about doing this but I know that I am doing this for good.  The feeling of courageousness is climbing up from my feet to my brain, when I started I thought that is how all the people will think how bizarre I am.  Suddenly it’s slow motion, I'm in the air then thud! I land on my gluteus maximus with a shock. I feel tense because a man is running after me! Ah! I need to get to my secret base.
by Frankie

I ran down the town taking the lights, streets, houses.  The town was nearly pitch black.  I went back to the old run down observatory to see if it was nearly here.  It was nearly time for it to come.  I had to be quick.  So I went back into town to take the rest of the lights. I felt both fearless and afraid.  When I got to a house I got some lights, then… a man appears in front of me.
by Guy

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Today we went to the World of Maths. It was about learning maths in different ways while having fun. We had a sheet of paper that we went round the math games to solve the problems and wrote them down on our sheet.
We worked together to solve the problems. Our whole syndicate did it and there were groups of four, five and six.  Some of them were hard and some of them were easy but they were still fun.  

Some of them were a little complicated but we figured them out. There were ones like building 
bridges, figuring out codes and moving things around. 
Math can be fun when you think about it differently. maths is everywhere remember.

by Ruby, Kirin and Kali.


Last week our class went to see Harold in his van. Our instructor was called Charlotte. We learned about the Circulatory system and went through it. We also learned about carbon dioxide. We went to Heart Central station. Every time we stopped at a body part we meet different characters from Heart central station. Some of them were going in the body and some were going out of the body. On the first day we went, we got a book from Harold. It was called Heart Central. When Charlotte turned on the screen Charlie the Conductor would tell us where we were and what the internal parts of the body do.

We learnt some interesting facts like:

  • We take 20,000 breaths a day
  • Children's hearts beat 120 times a minute
  • You need to drink water to keep your kidneys healthy
  • Water takes the rubbish out of your blood
  • 1800 litres of blood pump through the kidneys each day
In Room 10 we make sure that our bodies get enough food, water and oxygen to keep us healthy.

By Grace, Sofia, Maddalena, Katie, Claudia, Meredith

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Book Week

This week is book week. On Thursday we dressed up as our favorite book characters. Each day in the middle block we had a teacher that read a funny book to us. We also have put up book reviews that we like. 

We had a parade for our costumes that we wore. If you went in the library there are sheets (for each syndicate)where you can fill in a competition about a couple of books. Also on the wall there were pictures of teachers and you had to guess there favorite book.

In the library you could make bookmarks. Teachers wore the funniest costumes (all the kids laughed at them. Our principal called Mr Mac and our deputy principal called Mrs Lang both dressed up as Thing One and Thing Two, from Cat in the Hat. It was really fun!

from Katie, Maddalena, Robin, Grace and Jasper  :-)