Friday, 31 July 2015

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This is where you can find our creations that we do in our Makerspace time with our syndicate buddies.


Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Antapop the Monster

Antapop the monster noisy, bouncy he's a top poet and he plays a guitar on the side of the street.
He's got a pair of jetpacks and backwards feet.
Oh he's got a crocodiles mouth and some cute eyes to meet.
He's got a hat and a squiggly shirt he's got curly ears they are berserk.
Oh Antapop the monster he's shiny and ferocious with pointy toes like a hose on a nose.
Oh he's silly instrumental and a big booming voice like a brass band.
He's scared of the light he will crinkle up into the dirt his big fat teeth could chomp you up
into little slithereens and I'm proud to say he's my little guy.
He's stripy with squiggly lines he's fat on the back with an old bow tie.
He'll give you a bedtime lullaby. His favourite treat is clapping at wine.
He winces at meat he'll gladly eat your vege it's what he eats
and it's time for him to show you his tweet.
He's a herbivore so try to avoid trees cos he'll chomp them up like you and me.
He's up and about he's really energetic so he's almost definitely going to crash into you.
He's a funny punny little guy.

By Cameron

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Room10 Surrealist College

Surrealist Art.

Easy Blog Photo
In room 10 we have been doing surrealist art. It is when you get two things that do not go together.

The Ogllies

Sonia created this stop motion animation of her creations "The Ogllies" during Makerspace time. The Ogllies are cute little creatures that came from a box.  In this story and alien arrives by UFO and they discover a portal so they get transported to the future.  The future is in Room 10!! Right now!!

Looking forward to Term 3

In term 3 the year 3/4's are doing school swimming at Kilbirnie pool.

Introducing the Ogllies