Thursday, 18 December 2014


Last week on Thursday our class went to the botanic gardens to do rogaine. The whole syndicate joined us. Some of the parents helped us work out the problems. Rogaine is a scavenger hunt but you have to find answers to the end of the clues.

 We started at the top of the botanic gardens and ended at the bottom of it. Some questions were easy, Some were hard. But everyone had fun. The groups were from 3 to 5 people in a group.I (Katie) was with my friends Charlotte, Meredith and Charlotte's Mum. I (Kirin) had Guy, Annika,Ruby, me and my dad.It was really fun and it let us learn more.

here are some pictures:

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Our own geocaches

We had lots of fun making mini geocache huts and creating our own geocache map for the school grounds,

We also presented our learning at assembly. Check our our presentation:

Friday, 12 December 2014

Hour of Code

This week Room 10 took part in Hour of Code. This is a world wide event introducing people to the power of code.

Some reflections from participants in Room 10:

" is such a good way to learn how to code. It teaches you how to make things move and happen" - Katie

"On the Khan Academy website we have been drawing a face and we could put pieces of the face as tall or wide as we wanted. Coding allows you to make choices of your picture or text" - Maddalena

"Code is a great way to learn about computers and it is also very fun!" - Meredith

"Coding sometimes can be complicated but most of the time it is fun" - Sonia

"Coding is an exciting thing that you do with numbers to explore shapes to make a picture" - Grace

"I like it how you can put blocks together and you can create your own game" - William

"I enjoyed making this game because it's a bit like a puzzle" - Guy

Monday, 24 November 2014


On Thursday the 20th of November Room 10 went geocaching in the Botanic Gardens.   Geocaching is where you have a map and some clues which help you find containers with treasures in it. When you find it you can take a treasure out and put a treasure in.

We all lined up on the top court then Miss Stubbing and Miss Cossey started leading the way. When we got to the bottom of the Botanic Gardens (near the tulips) Miss Cossey showed us where we were on the map and where we had to go to get to the geocache.

There was a clue on the map which was: in a peaceful area near kowhai trees. The other clue was: "Under the Rhode". Then Miss Stubbing took us across the road to look for it.We were all looking for a long time but then finally Jade spotted the geocache in a log and under a rock. We all gathered in a circle and Jade showed us what was inside it. There was a: rubber duck , hurricane magnet , silver string and a octopus sticker. Ruby put in her hair tie and got the rubber duck out. It was so much fun.

By Charlotte

Here are some photos :

Thursday, 13 November 2014

cyber bullyng

Cyber bullying is bullying on the computer. As an example: someone draws over an image
 of you. This is what you can do; tell someone you trust, like your mum or dad or anyone else in your family, but you have to make a good choice. So if it happen to you, you now know what to do!

by guy

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Scariness in the freezer

School Centenary

This year our school had our centenary. A centenary is celebrating a hundred years. In 1914 our school started up. our school is writing a centenary book it is about what our school did now and then. When the centenary day was really near we all dressed up like in the olden days and did work like the kids did in the olden days.

By Ruby

This is me doing hopscotch. A game kids did back then.

Growth Mindset Posters

Friday, 7 November 2014

Conservation Week

Our Special places

Moss Stone Creek

My local treasure is Moss Stone Creek. Moss Stone Creek is a beautiful river with moss everywhere 

and at the end of the creek is a big waterfall with big sharp rocks pointing off the wall.

Moss Stone creak is special to me because it makes me feel lucky and I use it as a good luck charm. I 

use it as a good luck charm by recognising how long it must have taken the place to grow and create 

itself (It must have a growth mind set!). It’s amazing what nature can do.

What I do there is watch the birds and look down at the river. I also carve simple symbols into the 


I go there usually by myself, but the first time I went there I went with my friends, Jeremy and Emma 

and my sister, Samantha.

by Nathaniel

Karori Cemetary

As I walked along the sturdy path I heard the Kaka’s screeching as they drifted off into the pine

tree’s leaves. I heard a river flowing down and over the mossy rocks that fell into the depth of the 

shiny water. I felt a breeze of wind speeding over my shoulder and through my hair. I saw the light 

yellow sun roaming over the land. Rabbits were leaping over the warm grass. I saw the Black birds 

scratching the bark off a Pine tree. The sky was blue and the clouds swept off into the distance.

I smelt the leaves sour taste; I smelt the sweet baby Pine cones rolling down the concrete path. 

I watch the birds flying over the trees and perching on the thin branches. I climbed up a rocky wall 

and lye on the soft grass. I hear the Tuis singing lovely soft music filling the air with joy. I swing on 

branches and jump over high rocks. I write poems about the birds and draw art full of nature. 

The Karori Cemetery is my special place!

By Sofia

Class poem

Today we had a look at how to use the Storybird website to publish our stories and poems.  We wrote this poem together choosing one word at a time per person.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Athletics day reflections

Reflection from Sofia:

Today in room 10 we did Athletics. We did High jump, Long jump, Sprints, Baton relays, Vortex, and Quoits. The year threes went first then year fours.
The wind thrashing through your face.  Legs loose to get ready for the race.

Watching the pole for High jump going higher and higher each time you get it correct. Shouting and cheering for your house in the relays!
Once we finished all of it we were allowed to have a play my friends and I climbed the big ruff tree. Then we got called in to do the relays my house came first in the first race! After that we went on the bus we were very loud you could hear us from outside the bus! Then we chilled out in the classroom we had a great day!

Katies reflection:

On the 4th November 2014 (today) we went to Ben Burn park to do athletics. Athletics is a event that year 3-8 go to to practice skills. the skills are long jump, high jump, quoits, sprints and vortex. I was best at sprints!

As I finished quoits I quickly walked over to sprints at the other side of the field.  I sat on the soft grass then Mrs Hunt called up the girls. I had butterflies tickling my tummy. Then I was put in a group and got sent to Miss Stubbing. First she said to go toilet or get a drink. I ran over onto the concrete then into the toilet. pe-u, it stinks in there then straight away it was my turn. Then Miss Stubbing set "take your marks get set" then she slammed two big blocks together.My heart was bouncing as I raced across the squared grass I jumped up and landed over the line. yay I came 3rd.

Now it's semi finals, good luck me!
Wow I wonder what I have come. huh we all tied, I guess I am doing it again that time we all were all so close but then Alexa went in my lane so I couldn't go in front :(. and I hoped everyone else did really well!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Growth Mindset

In room ten we have been working on our growth mind-set. A growth mind-set is when you believe in yourself and think that you can do it no matter what. The opposite of growth mind-set is a fixed mind-set that is when you don’t believe. Another way of saying it is empowering others that is when you make other people proud of what they have done or who they are. All famous people have dropped down to a limit were they don’t believe in there self the funny thing is that they became famous because of failure everybody goes through it and that is why we are thinking about growth mind-set. We are going to make posters of a description/writing of empowering and believing. Do you have a growth mind-set? 

You should believe and empower. 

By: SofiaRG

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Would you rather...?

Room 10 explores power and control through superhuman qualities...

Would you rather be able to breathe underwater or breathe in outerspace?
I would rather be able to breathe underwater because I like to know about sea life and I could get up close to the sea's most strangest creatures and unlock the sea's secrets.

Would you rather run like the Flash or have a healing power?
I would rather be able to heal because if I got a cut I could heal it. And if my Grandad died I would be able to heal him. And if I ran like the Flash I would smack into a wall.
- William

Would you rather be able to shapeshift 2 times in a month or use the force for evil?
I would shapeshift because I do not like being evil.  Shapeshifting means you can change your shape. I would save people from being attacked in the streets. The evil force in uncontrollable.
- Frankie

Would you rather have ice powers or fire powers?
I would rather have ice powers than fire powers because I could freeze L & P and I love L & P. And on a hot day at the beach I could sell ice-blocks and I could have a lot of money.
- Claudia

Would you rather shoot money out of your hands or build stuff with your mind?
I would choose to shoot money out of my hands because I would choose to give money to poor people.
- Guy

Would you rather change what you look like or have see-through vision?
I would rather have see-through vision because I could see people shop-lifting and robbing the bank or people's houses.
- Ruby

Would you rather have power to grab things without touching it or have lasers in your eyes and only use them once a week?
I would chose the first one because I could help old people grab things.
- Jade

Would you rather have electrical powers or strength powers?
I would have electrical powers over strength because you could electrocute someone or something from a distance.  If the crime maker was touching something that conducted electricity you could touch it as well and use your power to stop them.
- Nathaniel

Would you rather disappear in a snap of your fingers or breathe happiness?
I would breathe happiness because I would never be sad even in the darkest times. I could pass my happiness to other people who are not so happy.
- Kirin

Would you rather be a builder or a smasher?
I would choose to be a builder so I can make myself happy by giving them things that I made.  I wouldn't like to be a smasher because I couldn't make people happy.

Would you rather have optional suction boots or automatic gloves that wrote everything for you?
I think it is better to have sunction boots because it's worth it to do all the work by hand and the suction boots you could easily save a person from a tree and you can turn them off.
- Sonia

Would you rather only have super speed but only be able to use it once a week or have super strength but only be able to use it for evil?
I think it would be best to go with super speed because it is good to limit your powers and if you had to use your strength for evil your powers would get taken away.
- Tusiata

Would you rather be able to turn into any animal you like or be able to turn invisible?
I would like to turn invisible so that if someone was trying to find me I could just turn invisible.
- Annika

Would you rather have the ability to move things with your mind or be able to carry everything heavy or light?
I would have the ability to move things with my mind because I could move heavy things with my mind just the same but you can do it with your mind.
- Katie

Would you rather have a portal hand to Hulk or a hacking device?
I would rather have a portal hand to Hulk because it is not nice hacking people's property.
- Jasper

Would you rather be able to do magic or have x-ray vision?
I would rather be able to do magic over x-ray vision because you could use a spell to look through stuff.
- Fin

Friday, 26 September 2014

Flappy game

Miss Stubbing found a website called Code that lets you make your own games.  In our class we have made games based on Flappy Bird.

This type of code is based on putting pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle.  Each bit does a different thing.  For example you can set the scene, change the character, change the speed and change the obstacles.  To test our code we had to play the game after each part was added.  After each test you can change or add pieces.

On the website it gives you a step by step guide to make the game.  Lots of people have made their own version of Flappy bird.  Some people have also made them at home.

Today our whole entire class made them on the netbooks.  Some of us made very hard games and some of us made much easier ones.  We tested each others out.  Everybody made a different one which is what made it so interesting.

By Frankie

Here are some links to the ones we made today:

Guy's Batman Jump
Annika and Ruby's Bunny Laser
Fin, Ben and Oliver The Moon Walk
Tom's Lava Jump
Robin's Epic Batman
Jasper's Bunny Game
Fin and Oliver's Underwater Adventure
Robin's Awesome Bat
Claudia's Santa Game
Oliver and Ben's Super Game
Meredith's Fun Game
Robin and William's game

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Swimming lessons

Today my syndicate went to the swimming pool in Kilbirnie. We have been going to the pool every Thursday for term 3. Today was the last swimming lesson so we did races! My team was called the Seals,we did well. 

I also did jumping through a hula hoop and and then going into the water and that was very fun.My teacher was very kind. There was an inflatable dinosaur! The dinosaur was in the cold pool. I also went in the splash pool and played a game that was singing and dancing. I am in the Jelly fish group. I love swimming!

By Meredith

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Reading Reflections

Room 10 was asked to reflect on how the 20 book challenge had changed their reading:

At the start of the term I only read Jacqueline Wilson books.  Then one day I realised that I had read them all! so I decided to try another book and I did and I really enjoyed it so I read another book from that series.  Now only sometimes do I read Jacqueline Wilson!

What I used to do was read chapter books that were 3, 4 or 5 chapters long.  What I do now is read chapter books that are over 10 chapters.

I used to read half a book and leave it.  Now I keep reading 1 book at a time.

I used to go outside and watch lots of TV but now I am reading a lot more books because of the 20 Book Challenge.

I used to read short books when I was a year 2.  Now I read big chapter books.

When I first heard about the 20 book challenge I was like "I am not doing this". Then I thought for a bit and said to myself "ok, I'll give it a go!" Then after a few books I got used to it.  The 20 book challenge has increased my reading a lot.

I used to not read that often.  The 20 book challenge has inspired me to read more often.

I used to get a book out and read a little bit and then shut the book.  Now I keep on reading constantly.

I have really enjoyed doing the 20 book challenge because at the start of the term all I read was Jacqueline Wilson.  Then I realised that I should try and read something different.  My friend recommended a book to me that I really enjoyed.  I basically never read Jacqueline Wilson now.

Before the 20 book challenge I thought reading was a waste of time and it was quite boring.  But when I did the challenge I started to read more.

I used to read really short books but now that I have started doing the 20 book challenge it's letting me read bigger books.  I thought normally I read fantasy but I am wrong, I read realistic fiction.  I like getting loads of new recommendations.  I like getting them from people that I have not got one from before.

From the start of Term 3 I didn't used to read much, and then I tried to read Year 5 books and while I kept on reading I even kept on learning about new words and that made me read more and more different books.

The 20 book challenge has encouraged me to read longer and more complex books with better plots.  Reading more books has built up my vocabulary to write longer stories with better descriptions and wow words.  It has also made me better at punctuation and wording.


In our class we are growing micro-greens.  They are little plants that you can eat. Most people liked basil.

First you fill a plastic cup or tray up with soil. Then sprinkle some of the seeds on it.  You have to cut out some paper and lay it on top.  Do not take it of until it has pushed itself of.  After that you wait for it to grow but you still have to water it.  Then last but not least you can snip of some of the stalks of and eat them.  The cress tasted dry and crispy, but still nice.

We are looking forward to watching them grow and then eating them!!

by Katie

The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music is amazing.  It is about a lady called Maria and she was going to be a nun but she wasn't cut out for it.  Mother Abby said that she has to look after 7 children.  The children's names are Liesel, Friedrich, Brigitta, Louisa, Kurt, Marta and Gretel. Ever since Miss von Trapp died Captain von Trapp doesn't listen to music or sing and calls his children with a whistle like in the war.  Maria realises why she is there to help them to get ready for when they have a mother.  Maria brings music and singing back to the von Trapp family. Then she realised she was the mother.  She got married to Mr von Trapp.  She was now Mrs von Trapp.

I thought the musical was fabulous. The story was very loving.  Mother Abby was very good at the opera and hit all right notes. The costumes were amazing and at first I thought "how do they get their clothes changed so fast?".  I invited Daisy and Ella from our school to come and talk to the class about what it felt like to be in the Sound of Music.  They were able to answer my question.  There are lots of tricks that go on behind the scenes to make the show seamless.  I have always been obsessed with the story so it was like a dream come true to see the show.

by Claudia

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Sofia's swimming achievements

I went to my Interzones swimming. Before I went into the seating area I had a nice warm takeaway hot chocolate. Then I sat down on the cold concrete stairs. My goggles were getting foggy my arms were getting sweaty. I felt nervous when I heard the freestyle year 4 girls and boys I got to my feet and rushed to the line of fit swimmers. I heard the whistle and shot to the start I heard the buzzer buzz and there I was in the water shooting down the path of water. Cold liquid splashing in my face.

Scared that I am going to come last. Splashing water into the other lane grabbing the water and throwing it behind me thinking of all the support I have. Thinking that I am going to come first.

Then I see the finish and smash my hand to the solid damp brown lining. What place did I come? I looked at my mum she put her hand into the air and it came up as the character four. I grabbed the bump and pulled myself up into the moist air, I slipped through the red and white gate as I hugged my mum I heard a voice it was my dad saying ‘’ good work’’. Then I picked my towel and walked to my seat I was proud I was happy with all the support I had and happy with my achievements I had a great time.

by Sofia

Monday, 15 September 2014

Children's garden

On Friday 4 children from our class got to go to the Botanical Gardens to help build the Children's garden.  That was us!

We got cotton fabric and used rubber bands to makes shapes and then put them in natural dye.  This is called tie-dying.  We used beetroot, tumeric and spinach as our natural dyes.  The spinach did not turn out very green.  We also learnt about other fruits that you could also use to stain fabric like plums.

We all helped make a banner for the garden using flags.

With spades and forks we turned the ground over to expose the soil and then put fertilizer on it.  Using mallets we banged sticks into the ground to section it in half.  In total we made 4 gardens. One group made an arch way out of bamboo and string.  To make the fence we weaved flax through the sticks.

We planted lavender, sweet peas, beans, butter beans and calendula.  We had grown some of these plants from seed before in Room 10 and in Gardening Club.

There is still a lot of work to be done and this includes fundraising.  They have to raise 1.4 million dollars to open the garden.  We hope that we can continue to plant more plants and spend time in our garden.  We are going to invite the rest of our classmates to come join us.

By Fin, Oliver, Claudia and Guy

Friday, 12 September 2014

Book Trailers

In our class we are making book trailer. It is like movie trailer but for a book. First we see if anyone has read the same book. Then we choose if we want to make a poster, a video, puppet pals or a comic. If you don't know what puppet pals is it is a app where you can take a picture of the drawing you drew and then you choose a background or take a picture of one. After that you film your voice and move the puppets on the screen. Then we all sit in a circle and share our work. What a fun topic.

here are some of our book trailers:

Charlotte & Meredith

by Katie

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Skipping Reflection

Our class likes skipping. So Ms Stubbing decided to let us do skipping routines.

Then she timed 5 minutes and we had to try and skip non-stop for the 5 minutes.

Lots of us put double skip into them.

Our class has a big range of ability and not many of us can do the pretzel! Pretzel is when you put your left arm under your left leg and have the other end in your right hand and skip!

I found cross stitch the hardest. Because you skip one then cross over and then go back to the beginning.

I like to skip at lunch with my friends!

By Meredith

Writing outdoors

On Tuesday our class went outside on the astroturf to do some free writing. It was really refreshing outside because their was a cool breeze through the air and it was really quiet. Everyone wrote a really cool story.

Some people got an idea from a free writing card.  A free writing card has a picture on it and you will get an idea for your story from it.  They are really fun and will help you write an awesome story.

Everyone really enjoyed working outside on a nice spring day.

By Charlotte

Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Our favourite fitness is skipping because it's a fantastic way to exercise.  Most of us are pretty confident at skipping.  There are lots of different types of skips:

  • Criss cross
  • Doubles
  • Pretzel
  • Bell
  • Skier
  • Partner skipping
  • Backwards
  • Run skipping
A lot of us like to challenge ourselves until we are very puffed!!!  Our next step is to learn how to skip in time with other people and make up a routine.  We are looking forward to getting better and better every day.

By Kirin and Fin

Swimming Sports

Today we went to swimming sports. Swimming sports all of the school racing against each other, these are the races:

Width freestyle
Width backstroke
25 metre freestyle 
25 metre backstroke
25 metre breaststroke
25 metre butterfly
50 metre freestyle
50 metre backstroke

Then there was relays. There was the year 5 and 6 relays girls and boys and the year 7 and 8 girls and boys. Some of the kids in our class got to be in these races too.

When some people in your team were racing you had to shout “GO GO!”

After all that racing we were all tired and luckily there was only 2 hours left of school. 

By Ruby

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Habitats for Life

In room 10 we have been leaning about habitats. 

We learnt about warmth and what you need to make a perfect home.  

We have joined a (pretend) job called Habitats for Life. We got to make all the things that made an office feel like an office. We even have a hot chocolate machine! We got to pick what our names are and how old we are. Now we are going to make our houses for a animal or person of our choice. If we think our project would really help we can make it. Also remember we are only building a model.

This is just the beginning of our project and we will share more about it over the next few weeks.

By Katie

Saturday, 23 August 2014


Today Katie bought in a Sphero. A Sphero is a small ball that you can play games with using an iPad.

Katie had four games she had collected. There was one game that she told us about where you could control it with an arrow pad on the iPad. The second game was a game where you did the same as you did on the game that I explained before but on the screen of the iPad the Sphero looked like a beaver and you had to collect coins.

The third game she had was the same as the last but you had to kill Zombies! The fourth game was when you had to aim the Sphero (which looked like a golf ball on screen) into a box or whatever you are aiming for the Sphero to go into (whatever you were aiming at looked like a small hole on the screen).

Another game challenged you to grab the Sphero when it changed to a certain colour. I thought that it would be hard to play as the colours were changing reasonably quickly.  Katie had it mastered!

I thought it was really cool how it looked like the Sphero was moving by itself.

By Nathaniel

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Borrowed Light

This term our class went to see the short film festival. There were 15 short films! Then Miss Stubbing had a super idea. We could write a short part from the story from one of the films called borrowed light. It is about a boy or girl (your choice) who took all the lights so everyone could see the meteor shower. We started off by writing a list of words that mean the same thing. We looked in the thesaurus for the meanings of brave,scared,worried and nervous. We had to do it all in 1st person (you as the character).Then we got to choose if the character was a boy or a girl. When we were writing we had to remember to use lots of adjectives and to show don't tell. Then we all sat in a circle and shared our writing. We think that most of the people made you want to keep on reading the story.

by Katie, Charlotte and Jade

Some of our writing:

I am about to grab the last light when I hear heavy breathing behind me.  My heart skips a beat.  I feel petrified.  Slowly I turn my head and I and see someone staring back at me.
by Tom

Creeping toward the shine of the light.  I hear a strange sound coming from the hallway. Extraordinary to see that glowing thing making the house shine.  I feel sorry that I am taking this amazing light.  As quietly as I can I take the light off. Suddenly I hear a person run worriedly.  The person sees me.  I quickly take off all of the lights.  On my way while I was running I took some more lights.
by Kali

I once saw a meteor shower.  As I twisted the first light my heart started to beat faster like lightening speeding super fast. Then I started to feel a bit ok like I was doing the right thing.  Then I popped through the window and then I felt a bit weird like someone was staring at me. I got the lights and turned around.  There was a man there. He picked me up and the lights all smashed and we saw the meteor shower. I felt amazing.
by William

Creeping to a glowing thing covered with moths.  Climbing up the brick wall. Ah! I feel the cramp under my arms.  I hear the creak in the wooden floor.  I feel anxious about doing this but I know that I am doing this for good.  The feeling of courageousness is climbing up from my feet to my brain, when I started I thought that is how all the people will think how bizarre I am.  Suddenly it’s slow motion, I'm in the air then thud! I land on my gluteus maximus with a shock. I feel tense because a man is running after me! Ah! I need to get to my secret base.
by Frankie

I ran down the town taking the lights, streets, houses.  The town was nearly pitch black.  I went back to the old run down observatory to see if it was nearly here.  It was nearly time for it to come.  I had to be quick.  So I went back into town to take the rest of the lights. I felt both fearless and afraid.  When I got to a house I got some lights, then… a man appears in front of me.
by Guy

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Today we went to the World of Maths. It was about learning maths in different ways while having fun. We had a sheet of paper that we went round the math games to solve the problems and wrote them down on our sheet.
We worked together to solve the problems. Our whole syndicate did it and there were groups of four, five and six.  Some of them were hard and some of them were easy but they were still fun.  

Some of them were a little complicated but we figured them out. There were ones like building 
bridges, figuring out codes and moving things around. 
Math can be fun when you think about it differently. maths is everywhere remember.

by Ruby, Kirin and Kali.


Last week our class went to see Harold in his van. Our instructor was called Charlotte. We learned about the Circulatory system and went through it. We also learned about carbon dioxide. We went to Heart Central station. Every time we stopped at a body part we meet different characters from Heart central station. Some of them were going in the body and some were going out of the body. On the first day we went, we got a book from Harold. It was called Heart Central. When Charlotte turned on the screen Charlie the Conductor would tell us where we were and what the internal parts of the body do.

We learnt some interesting facts like:

  • We take 20,000 breaths a day
  • Children's hearts beat 120 times a minute
  • You need to drink water to keep your kidneys healthy
  • Water takes the rubbish out of your blood
  • 1800 litres of blood pump through the kidneys each day
In Room 10 we make sure that our bodies get enough food, water and oxygen to keep us healthy.

By Grace, Sofia, Maddalena, Katie, Claudia, Meredith

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Book Week

This week is book week. On Thursday we dressed up as our favorite book characters. Each day in the middle block we had a teacher that read a funny book to us. We also have put up book reviews that we like. 

We had a parade for our costumes that we wore. If you went in the library there are sheets (for each syndicate)where you can fill in a competition about a couple of books. Also on the wall there were pictures of teachers and you had to guess there favorite book.

In the library you could make bookmarks. Teachers wore the funniest costumes (all the kids laughed at them. Our principal called Mr Mac and our deputy principal called Mrs Lang both dressed up as Thing One and Thing Two, from Cat in the Hat. It was really fun!

from Katie, Maddalena, Robin, Grace and Jasper  :-)   

Friday, 25 July 2014

Te Wiki o te Reo Māori

This week is te reo Māori week . In room 10 we will be learning some māori every day, like heihei (chicken) and āpopo (tomorrow) and more.  We learnt a song called "Ko pāpā heihei" about the rooster, mother chicken and baby chick.

We have decided to learn more than one word a day because we really like learning māori.  We also believe that people should be learning more te reo because it is a dying language and we want to save it.  We had a class discussion and the whole class set some goals e.g. using greetings every day.

Are you celebrating te reo this week?

By Tom and Guy

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

20 Book Challenge

In Room 10 we are doing the 20 Book Challenge.  We have 2 terms to try and read 20 different books.  They have to be different genres such as fantasy, comedy, non-fiction and historical.  In our readers notebooks we have a chart to show how many books we have read.  When we finish a book we colour in a triangle.  We had a discussion about challenging ourselves to read books that are different and sometimes a bit harder than what we are used to.  The funny thing we found out is that most of our class still keep reading a book even if it's boring! We have hopeful readers in our class!

After we finish reading a book we are going to share our ideas about the book to our classmates.  We will have learning conversations with each other, book "sells" and book swaps. Part of our sharing is going to be bringing books from  home to share with others.

We are going to use our teacher Miss Stubbing as a book idea person. Miss Stubbing reads a lot of books.  She likes to read children's books and young adult fiction as well as adult novels (and picture books!). We are going to use her to help us choose books.