Friday, 28 August 2015

Maker Space

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In Maker space I made these friendship scarfs for me and my friend.

The Teleporting Cat

Oran And Hugo

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Today me and Hugo from room 9 and we made some origami and we made some things like the ones in this picture. We made two other bangers and we are going to test them outside. By Oran


Today, with our buddy class, we made some origami.

We Made Cranes, Picachu boxes, frogs, flowers, hats, fans, daffodils, flower balls, cats and bunnies.

This was a nice time to spend time with our Year 7 and 8 buddies.

This is what a crane looks like.

Room 9 and room 10 are buddies. Room 9 teach Room10 some things, And Room 10 teach Room 9 some things. We watched videos on YouTube and taught each other how to make Origami.

by Jessica


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Origami With My Buddy.

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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Spooky City

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By Natalia, Oran and Cameron

The Rescue of the Animals Plan

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By Ellie, Sophie and Eleanor

Escape Plan

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Ellen and Holly's game Plan

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The Forest Game Plan

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City Escape Plan

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This is our plan for our game city escape! By Daniel and James

Math chess

Math chess Today, room10 played math chess. It was our first time playing. We played on the Astro turf. How to play:

Step one. Get into a pair of twos or threes.

Step :2 link arms with your partner/partners.

Step:3 a Person calls out a math problem.

Step:4 if you get the problem right first, you can move one step forwards, backwards, left or right. You can only move one of those moves. Then, if you get close to another pair, you can tag them. Then their out. But your still in.

Then the people that got tagged, can stand in a line next to the caller. Then they can call out a problem too. How to tag the person next to you is you can reach out and tag them. If you can't reach them, you can't tag them.

By Jessica and Sophie

Mandarin Classes

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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Google Storybuilder

Click on the photos to go to our pieces of dialogue we created using Google Storybuilder.

Monday, 24 August 2015

ROOM10 FERNS!!!!!!!

Today, we have been moving our ferns to a more sheltered area.

We placed them in the Gully. They are from the Botanical Gardens. 
We were very lucky to have a trip there. It was a nice day to be spending outside.

We put tape around that said: DANGER!!!!!! KEEP OUT!!!! OUT OF BOUNDS!!!!.

It is near the bottom of the Gully. If you see it, PLEASE keep out. 

Cause you know what it says: DANGER!!!!! KEEP OUT!!!! OUT OF BOUNDS!!!!!.

Thank you all for reading our class post.

By: Ellen and Jessica

What is a hologram?

Today we created a hologram and wondered how a hologram works...

This is our research:

A hologram is a 3D image that is most likely be used in the future.
(Eleanor, Jessica and Scarlett)

Holograms are like 4 D images floating in the air. (Sam)

A hologram is created when the light projects on more than one surface. (Hugo)

A hologram is a floating light that can show pictures when it is dark. (Holly)

We used a small plastic pyramid to project our images. (Mia)

A device has to reflect onto a screen with 4 sides. (Ellie, Natalia, Miriam)

A hologram is a thing that bounces light to make an image. (Ellen, Sophie, Mia)

The light can reflect on the material and shows one picture on each screen of the pyramid. (Holly)

Holograms are used in movies like Star Wars and Iron Man. (Jessica, Eleanor, Scarlett)

Thursday, 20 August 2015

The Snow Poem

I am the snow I sweep and I roar.
I am so cold you would get frostbite.
I'm soft as a cloud I'll push you around.
I wish I could go skiing with down
my powdery slopes with you.
I've got snowballs to throw at you!!
I use my icicles as ice cream.
I have my musical sea that covers the land with me.
My wonderful mittens keep me warm
but I don't need them for I am snow!!

By Cameron

The North Wind

I am the North wind and I am loud and proud to be here
I am cold and bold and my skin is sapphire blue
and I whistle through the sky and I roar like a lion
so you should be scared, Giant.

by Hugo


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HAIL In room 10 we have been looking at the story SELFISH GIANT we were writing a poem to introduce one of the characters in the story. Some of the characters in the story were, Snow, Frost, Hail, and the North wind. By Francesca, and Samuel. 😃 -( )- L L



I am cold and I feel like a night.
I can fold like a road.
and I feel really white.

by Holly


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I am hail the solid ice
You'll get frostbitten if you touch me
I like to be solid and musical
I'm a free-fall
I will be I am the winter's key
Your eyes will turn to ice when you see me.

By Dylan

Snow Poem

Here comes snow falling down
I'm Hukapunga really white
And so cold it might give you a fright
Normally on mountains I sit
 For children to sled on bit by bit
To make snowmen and snowballs quick
before it falls

 By Ellie and Karina


My name is bird.
I sing songs that are really long.
I am Scarlett but a bit Violet.
I sit in the trees and listen to the bees.
I love feeling the heat as I sing my song.
It's such a treat.

by Mia

A wind poem

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I'm Tawhirimatea god of the wind
I swish and I wish around in the sky
and I speed through air and pass you by
I blow and I roar around in the clouds
you can hear me since I'm so loud.

By Sophie


Freezing and see though,
Bucketing down,
Hails coming to town.
Pittery Pattery
Clickity Clackity,
Just listen to the sound.

By Nathan and Natalia

The bird

My name is bird.
I've always been heard.
My feathers are heather and violet.
I sit up high to enjoy the sky.
My song is long and have fun as I hum.
I love the heat as I eat a treat and hold my beak up high.

By Jessica

Monday, 3 August 2015

Maui Dolphin

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If you want to help save Maui Dolphin, then why are you reading this when you could be reading that! So what are you waiting for! Enjoy! By Eleanor


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GIANT JIMMY We have met a giant called Jimmy. He has been coming into our class. He owns a wall and everything behind it and he hates children coming over his wall. He's really tall and fat, he is a vegetarian and loves birds. By Francesca, Natalia, Daniel, Riley, Karina, And Jessica.

Giant, Poppet

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