Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Random Story

Once in a far away lake there lived a very chubby Unicorn called Scarcesca.  One day she married an octopus called Dave.

On the wedding day Scarsesca released her spider on Dave's tenticles and Dave freaked out and ran home. Luckily this was after the  ceremony so legally they were now married. Then as Scarseca was walking out she set free her pet cockroaches right infront of the only door and kept walking. Everyone got terribly scared of the cockroaches and sprinted out of the church. However as they tried to exit they slipped on the cockroaches and everybody broke at least one bone. What a memorable day!

And they lived happily every after, well almost. Dave got chickenpox, and it rained continuously for 100 days.

By Francesca and Scarlett

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Scorching Bay

On Tuesday we went to Scorching Bay with the school.We went litter picking and found a dead puffer fish on the sand.We found a deadly black wasp that is 10 times worse than  a normal wasp. After morning tea we built sand castles in groups. One group built a sand mermaid and a sand Person!!!

We played beach cricket, sunbathed, dug holes, buried people, and some of us went swimming. The water was freezing cold but we soon got used to it.

The whole day was a great way to meet our Whanau groups and make new friends.