Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Growth Mindset

In room ten we have been working on our growth mind-set. A growth mind-set is when you believe in yourself and think that you can do it no matter what. The opposite of growth mind-set is a fixed mind-set that is when you don’t believe. Another way of saying it is empowering others that is when you make other people proud of what they have done or who they are. All famous people have dropped down to a limit were they don’t believe in there self the funny thing is that they became famous because of failure everybody goes through it and that is why we are thinking about growth mind-set. We are going to make posters of a description/writing of empowering and believing. Do you have a growth mind-set? 

You should believe and empower. 

By: SofiaRG

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Would you rather...?

Room 10 explores power and control through superhuman qualities...

Would you rather be able to breathe underwater or breathe in outerspace?
I would rather be able to breathe underwater because I like to know about sea life and I could get up close to the sea's most strangest creatures and unlock the sea's secrets.

Would you rather run like the Flash or have a healing power?
I would rather be able to heal because if I got a cut I could heal it. And if my Grandad died I would be able to heal him. And if I ran like the Flash I would smack into a wall.
- William

Would you rather be able to shapeshift 2 times in a month or use the force for evil?
I would shapeshift because I do not like being evil.  Shapeshifting means you can change your shape. I would save people from being attacked in the streets. The evil force in uncontrollable.
- Frankie

Would you rather have ice powers or fire powers?
I would rather have ice powers than fire powers because I could freeze L & P and I love L & P. And on a hot day at the beach I could sell ice-blocks and I could have a lot of money.
- Claudia

Would you rather shoot money out of your hands or build stuff with your mind?
I would choose to shoot money out of my hands because I would choose to give money to poor people.
- Guy

Would you rather change what you look like or have see-through vision?
I would rather have see-through vision because I could see people shop-lifting and robbing the bank or people's houses.
- Ruby

Would you rather have power to grab things without touching it or have lasers in your eyes and only use them once a week?
I would chose the first one because I could help old people grab things.
- Jade

Would you rather have electrical powers or strength powers?
I would have electrical powers over strength because you could electrocute someone or something from a distance.  If the crime maker was touching something that conducted electricity you could touch it as well and use your power to stop them.
- Nathaniel

Would you rather disappear in a snap of your fingers or breathe happiness?
I would breathe happiness because I would never be sad even in the darkest times. I could pass my happiness to other people who are not so happy.
- Kirin

Would you rather be a builder or a smasher?
I would choose to be a builder so I can make myself happy by giving them things that I made.  I wouldn't like to be a smasher because I couldn't make people happy.

Would you rather have optional suction boots or automatic gloves that wrote everything for you?
I think it is better to have sunction boots because it's worth it to do all the work by hand and the suction boots you could easily save a person from a tree and you can turn them off.
- Sonia

Would you rather only have super speed but only be able to use it once a week or have super strength but only be able to use it for evil?
I think it would be best to go with super speed because it is good to limit your powers and if you had to use your strength for evil your powers would get taken away.
- Tusiata

Would you rather be able to turn into any animal you like or be able to turn invisible?
I would like to turn invisible so that if someone was trying to find me I could just turn invisible.
- Annika

Would you rather have the ability to move things with your mind or be able to carry everything heavy or light?
I would have the ability to move things with my mind because I could move heavy things with my mind just the same but you can do it with your mind.
- Katie

Would you rather have a portal hand to Hulk or a hacking device?
I would rather have a portal hand to Hulk because it is not nice hacking people's property.
- Jasper

Would you rather be able to do magic or have x-ray vision?
I would rather be able to do magic over x-ray vision because you could use a spell to look through stuff.
- Fin