Sunday, 6 December 2015

What I Will Put In The Box

I will put in the box,
A hand shake of the man in the moon,
A stroke of a tiger,
A golden egg.

I will put in the box,
A jabbawokky's eye
A claw of a dinosaur
 The Blue of a rainbow.

The Magic Box

I will put in the box...
An enormous Egyptian pyramid with a inca Mask on top,
a vicious violet playing a very old violin ,
a dino skull with a rifle in it's mouth.

I will put in the box...
A volcanic can of coke,
a rat zombie with a moustache,
a live puppet who plays Soccer,
and a British army camp.

By James

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

flappy bird

                                                                        FLAPPY BIRD

try my flappy bird game

any comments?

try and end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Luke(:

Sunday, 29 November 2015

The Magic Box

The magic box

I will put in the box
A dot of of a cheetah.
A tiger tooth traveling to turkey.
A golden crisp sand speckle.

I will put in the box
Frightening world war 1 memories.
A gun bullet going through an eyeball.
A black mark in Mongolia and mud.

The Magic Box

I will put in the box.
A snake that has come down a slippery slide.
A clock that will not stop ticking but will not tock.
An old man that looks like a wrinkled rodent.
A foot that has been stuffed into a shoe and put in to a cupboard.
A piece of hair off a tiger's tail.

By Calum

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Magic Box

I will put in the box
the roaring of an angry lion.
The swish of of a dogs tail.
The last leaps of a gazelle .

I will put in the box.
The only wish of an evil clown.
A year old memory.
The water of a rushing river.

my box is made of gold and silver
and is decorated with Diamonds

By Miriam

Magic Box

I will put in the box
A snow covered jacket
Some tigers tangoing with tangos
My evolutionary eyes of ethereal crystals

I will put in the box
A hand full of custard with mustered
A terrible terrorist tango
Some crazy chemicals

The box is now full
it is the colour of your imagination
but is never to be seen.

By Hugo

Magic Box

I will put in the box
A wet lick of a lollipop
A violet wish that is granted
A freezing heart of a poor person

I will put in the box
A bright twinkle of the shimmering stars
Shining water from the blue sea
The strange taste around you

My box is magenta with stones on the lid
It has lemon legs
I stare at the stars

Daniel's Post on Tuesday, 24 November 2015

I will put in the box
Silky cats fur
The middle of Russia
The first log from America

I will put in the box
The last hair on earth
The headlight of a car
The corner of a triangle

By Daniel

The Magic Box


I will put in the box
The pain of a purple punch
Sand from the watery sea
Wishes from the world
I will put in the box
One life of a left out lemon
Sky from the sea on a hot day
Stars from saturn

My box is fashioned like this
Furry gold chest
Blue bubbled handles

By Ellen

The Magic Box

The magic box 

I will put in my box
a crystal eye from a search dog
 a crazy guy from the A-team
a wing from person flying
 a singer from a welcoming song

I will put in my magic box
 a funny Guy from mr bean
a dead rat from a cave in the forest
a robot with all the treasures

My box sparkles like new money
my box is made out of the best way of making Diamonds
my box shape is a star accept blue
my box also has a lock on it
my key is a good shaped shell.

By Oran

The Magic Box


I will put in the box
A light of the sun
Petals on the grass
And the grown Grass which the sun had made.
The beautiful grown grass so we can play in the sun.

by Aizza

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Mia Riley And Daniels Trap

Easy Blog Photo

Trap Idea

Easy Blog Photo
This is me, Ellen's and Hugos trap idea The rocks make it not fall over

Model Trap

Easy Blog Photo
We have been trapping rats for a topic this term. We are trying to trap a big rat that keeps shaking the trap, unsettling it and stealing the bait. So we designed our own trap that will make the trap stable. We made ours with string holding it down. By Francesca, Oran, and Aizza.

I Will Put In The Box

Easy Blog Photo
The Magic Box

I will put in the box,
The paw of a injured Polar bear,
Fire from a crackling camp meeting,
The memories from a long lost puppy.

I will put in the box,
A shell from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean,
The cries of a lost soul who has floated into the dark forest
The memories of a great great uncle.

My box is made out of silver and gold, it has bronze moons on the lid,
it has a handle made out of a dinosaurs tooth.

by Mia

The Magic Box

I will put in the box
The tip of a tongue that tells a tale
A red scale from the dragon of fire
The diamond of Atlantis

I will put in the box
Tears from the leaves after rain
The bite of sand
The eye of truth

By Nathan

The Magic Box

The magic box 

I will put in the box
The paw of a tiger from the jungle
The sparks from a firework
The led of a pencil

I will put in the box
The petal of a flower
Soft white sand
A lucky rabbits foot

My box has golden locks
and an ancient snake eye that protects it.

By Sam

My Poem

The magic box

I will put in the box
The light of a sunflower petal in the magical garden
A splash from the blue of the Pacific Ocean
The twinkle of the night of stars

I will put in the box
A tip of a fluffy cloud from the sky
The light and shimmering from the sun in space
The softness from the pillow on my bed

By Karina

The Magic Box Poem

I will put in the box
The ear from the first Egyptian painting
A hair from a lions tail
One hole from a piece of cheese

I will put in the box
A ghostly white wish haunted from your house
A famous mango doing the tango
The greenest blade of grass
My box is fashioned with Red,white and blue
Gold splotches everywhere including inside my box
soft and good as land
I have finally finished my poem in the clear blue sea

By Cameron

The Magic Box

I will put in the box
A splash of a squids tentacles under a starry sky
A glimpse of a cheetahs tail in a jungle concert
The rumble of a raccoon in a race through the plains

I will put in the box
Golden memories from the times of the dinosaurs 
Crystal clear dreams of a toppled snowman
Emerald wishes of a chestnut circus horse

I will put in the box
Country fields full of violets and roses
Lush blue water from the deepest lake
Egyptian pyramids from ancient Egypt

By Natalia

The Magic Box

I will put in the box
A talking snowball from Mt. Ruapehu,
Some soft slippery sand from Whanganui,
A barking cat on the grass.

I will put in the box
A meowing dog up in a tree,
One jug of golden wishes dancing in the wind,
Six greasy tyres and the ink of a pink pen

I will put in box
One magenta spike from a dragon,
Water from the salty sea,
And some crystal clear dreams from the crystal empire.

My box is made from tiny pencil shavings, with jelly donuts on the top,
rainbow sparks on the sides.
My box has swirl wishes and a mystery always inside.
You can take a peek inside. I'm sure you'll have a ride!

The Magic Box.

I will put in the box
The tip of a birds beak
One turn of the cars wheel
A silver wish already drifted off into the darkness
An emerald trail behind a box of glitter

I will put in the box a splash of water from the box.
The night falling with glitter
A drink bottle full of Sprite
A rain full of worries.

The Magic Box

I will put in the box
The fear on the first day of school
The pain of a sour punch
A child's laughter

I will put in the box
The discombobulation of a new house
A genie's freedom
The soft light of a lamp

I will put in the box
The feeling of well deserved victory
A twinkle from a giant's eye
The last breath of life

My box is embroidered with love and diamonds
My box is unimaginable.

The Magic Box

The magic box 

I will put in the box
The flare from a fiery dragon
The bones of a bignoseasaur
And a sea dragon stealthy sliding through the surf.

I will put in the box
A big bash'n bone,
A sniffing singing stone
And the value of a volcanic volcano.

The box is made from the scales of a hatchling 
The howling hieroglyphics, lapis lazuli corners And t-Rex toe handles.
I shall toboggan down dorky mountain and come to a stop at a scarlet Clare lake.

By Riley

The Magic Box

The magic box

I will put in the box
Ancient good luck
5 dragon blood drops
Powerful magic of old

I will put in the box
My wishes of power
My hopes that come true
My life force of power that's hard to collect

I will put in the box
Old buildings of life
 The jail of bad luck
The magic keep safe

I will put in the box
My stupidity and annoyance
My fears and forgotten memories
My special and terrible things
My box is fashioned from gold,diamonds,emeralds and glass crystal
My joys and wishes lie in it

By Luke

The Magic Box

The magic box

I would put in the box
The memories from someone important how has died
The bestest friends ever
The beaches best sand castles

I would put in the box
The countries of the world
The ribbon from my favourite teddy
Siblings sizzling with excitement

My box is made of gold, silver and bronze medals
Stars from the black night sky
Sparkly red velvet makes up the inside
with shimering stones for the lid

By Ellie

Dylan's magic box

Easy Blog Photo
The magic box

I will put in the box
A supernova soaring through space around Saturn
A baby's first frown
A cupful of acid the greenest type

I will put in the box
 The foot of a pharaoh King
A dragons first flame and smoke
The volcanic valve of an erupting volcano

My box is fashioned with titanium and diamond and a touch of lapis lazuli 
With REAL!!! Sea serpents on the lid
And flames on netherack in the corners
It's hinges are eyeball necklaces
I shall read in my box At the highest point located in the world
And fall down not even injured
I will be as white as a sheet

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Riley's Symmetry

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Francesca's Reflection

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Symmetry This is a reflection of the persons building By Francesca and Samuel

Symmetry Line

Easy Blog Photo
Dylan made it and I finished it:)

By Luke


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Dylan 's line of symmetry

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Symmetry line of reflection In class we have been learning with shapes and today we have made a line of symmetry This one (this shoot is what I'm talking about) Luke made and Dylan finished we hope you liked it bye for now


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Easy Blog Photo

Symmetry Ship

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Dylan 's Photo on Wednesday, 18 November 2015

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Oscar's Mirror Image

Easy Blog Photo
By Oscar


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Reflections by Mia

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Opposites by Ellen

Easy Blog Photo

Line Of Symmetry.

Easy Blog Photo

Line Of Symmetry

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Easy Blog Photo

Ellen's line of symmetry

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Easy Blog Photo

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Why We Should Trap Pests

Why we should trap pests

Zealandia is a caring place for native birds. Zealandia happens to sit in the middle of Kelburn, Karori, Northland, Brookland and Highbury. They are a pest free zone because they have traps, high walls so cats can't get in, fences under ground so bunnies can't dig under and up into Zealandia and a security check. Zealandia are trying to get the neighboring houses and suburbs to trap too. This is called the Halo Project. We are trapping pests at school to stop them from getting rid of the beautiful birds in our bush and gully. We have put out trackers and soon we will put out traps. I strongly believe that if we trap pests we will make a better place for our natives.

By Ellie

Why we should trap pests in Kelburn

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Why we should trap pests in Kelburn 

Zealandia is a protected bird sanctuary without pests to attack and kill them. Zealandia is in karori and just touching the edge of kelburn.  Trapping is a way you can get rid of pests so native birds can spread and breed. I strongly believe that we should trap pests so we can form a halo around the whole of New Zealand and maybe even the whole world. It helps because we don't want them to become endangered species.  It helps because we want to be a pest-free country.

By Dylan

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Water Colours

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This week room 10 we have been doing water colours. We have not just been doing water colours we have been painting Feathers with water colours. We did the water colour by painting and a feather and then dabbed Water on top it have a good look. BY SOPHIE,HOLLY

Buddy Class.

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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Kapa Haka

Tomorrow it is the kapa haka festival me and some other mate of mine are in it to the boys are going to do a haka and then we will sing all together and we hope it will go nicely

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

flappy bird

here is my flappy bird game

try get to 1000 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Luke v

Monday, 12 October 2015

Snapshots of Wellington Classrooms - cross post

The students of Room 10 were able to share their learning with a wider audience this month via the Wellington Connected Educators Group which Miss Stubbing is part of. For each day of October a classroom from around Wellington was invited to share their learning.

The post was written by the students and edited by Ellen, Jessica and Mia

The link to the original post is here.

This term in Room 10 we have been learning how to make a game on an app called The Adventure Creator on the iPad. We chose our own groups to work in so our ideas were matched and we could create what sort of game it would be.

In this game you can choose your 5 settings. We started off by making 5 destinations. One of them is your starting point. We drew plans of our 5 locations with pictures to match. The locations are in different compass directions - North, East, South or West.

We can put down objects and make them so you can carry them or not carry them.  To do this you need to give the objects a specific weight. Objects coloured red you cannot pick up and objects that are coloured blue you can pick up.

We learnt that if you wanted to pick an object up then the person playing the game has to write a command. You have to use bossy verbs in your commands.You cannot put objects in the middle destination.

Once we have done all the basic set-up we have to do coding to make the game work. You need to play the game yourself to make sure your coding is all correct.

So what’s the learning in all this game making?

We have to use lots of problem solving and coding to make our game work and make it challenging and fun for the person playing it.  It is good to know how to code because when you are older you might have to use coding or solve problems in your job and it might come in handy.  We have had to use maths, writing and reading in this project.  It might not seem that you are using them but you are.  We had to be risk takers, communicators, problem solvers, cooperate with others, be members of a team and have a growth mindset. We really like this project because it is fun going on the iPad but it is also fun learning and mixing the two together.

Monday, 28 September 2015

#KidspeakNZ Twitter Chat - Room 10's responses

In the last week of term Room 10 took part in their first ever twitter chat.  The questions for this chat were written by Marianne Malmstrom an educator from the USA who is interested in how students view the future of education. Here are the collated tweets from the chat.  There were 900 tweets in total so if you are interested in seeing everyones responses you can view that here. Otherwise you can read Room 10's responses below:

Friday, 25 September 2015

The Zombies Are Here

Oscar's Coooooooooooooool Ship


Easy Blog Photo
Awesome SHIP This is the one and only awesome ship but not better then Daniel's/Oscar's (u can look for on the same blog u are on)(by Daniel)

Daniels Ship

By Oscar and Daniel

What we are reading in the holidays

Francesca - Revenge of the Ballybogs by Siobhan Rowden
Holly - The Worse Thing about my Sister by Jacqueline Wilson
Oscar - The boy with two heads by Andy Mulligan
Daniel - The cat on the mat is flat by Andy Griffiths
Kipper - Dustbin baby by Jacqueline Wilson and Hooks Revenge by Heidi Schulz
Jessica - Mischief and Mayhem by Roald Dahl
Scarlett - The Suitcase kid by Jacqueline Wilson
Eleanor - Dustbin Cat by Ingrid Lee
Oran - TinTin Vol 3
Hugo - Rangers Apprentice by John Flanagnan
Sophie - Dreams come True (Ella Diaries) by Meredith Costan
Sam - TinTin Vol 7
James - TinTin Vol 1
Ellen - The Witches by Roald Dahl
Nathan - Cole the Ninja of Earth by Ninjago
Cameron - Jim Springman and the Realm of Glory by Joshua Wright
Dylan - Scotland Myths and Legends

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

How much of each ingredient?

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This is our estimate

By Kipper/Mia, Samuel, Jessica, Scarlett, Oscar and Riley.

Friday, 11 September 2015


Makerspace project by Dylan, Luke and Riley

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Luke's Flappy Bird Game

Luke's Flappy Bird

Can you see the changes that happen as you play? Can you see if you can end the game?


Tuesday, 8 September 2015


For the past few weeks we've been working on time. We've been learning how long a minute and an hour is, We have done time with Miss Leake, too. We've done sheets to test us on time, It's been so much FUN!

Flower Express

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Words With Blocks

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Today me (Samuel and Hugo) were using word dominoes this are them.

The Lost Horse

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Hobbit poem

Easy Blog Photo
Hobbit hunt
beautiful white deer
Upon path in the shadow

Found Poem

Easy Blog Photo
How ever a huge twilight hall to hope
to thinner trees was starting to grow
in the wood others considered to know
nothing only the change would soon come.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Oran's Post on Wednesday, 2 September 2015

On Wednesday we had miss Ross and me and Jessica showed miss Ross are blog and I put a post on to Jessica's

Friday, 28 August 2015

Maker Space

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In Maker space I made these friendship scarfs for me and my friend.

The Teleporting Cat

Oran And Hugo

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Today me and Hugo from room 9 and we made some origami and we made some things like the ones in this picture. We made two other bangers and we are going to test them outside. By Oran


Today, with our buddy class, we made some origami.

We Made Cranes, Picachu boxes, frogs, flowers, hats, fans, daffodils, flower balls, cats and bunnies.

This was a nice time to spend time with our Year 7 and 8 buddies.

This is what a crane looks like.

Room 9 and room 10 are buddies. Room 9 teach Room10 some things, And Room 10 teach Room 9 some things. We watched videos on YouTube and taught each other how to make Origami.

by Jessica


Easy Blog Photo

Origami With My Buddy.

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